Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Are We There Yet?"

As anyone who's a parent knows, that's a child's whiny refrain during the course of a road trip. (Been there, done that.) It's also the theme of this year's CASHRA confab, the annual meet 'n' greet of the our country's official "human rights" industry. This year's shmoozeathon is being held this weekend in Winnipeg, Manitoba, home to the tax-dollar-hoovering "human rights" mausoleum. Here's a bit more about the aforementioned theme:
The 2012 conference theme is Are We There Yet? The Program will focus on celebrating human rights successes and identifying areas where further development, advocacy or change are still needed to achieve equality for all individuals in Canada.
Memo to the rights types: you can never achieve equality for all in every way because, by virtue of their own innate talents, qualities and abilities, individuals cannot help being vastly different from one another. The sooner you acknowledge that, the sooner we can wrap up this nutty "human rights" stuff that is actually Marxism wearing a not terribly convincing disguise.

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