Thursday, June 7, 2012

Britain Ramps Up Efforts to Ban Unacceptable Practice of "Forced Marriage"

From the Daily Mail:
For a criminal conviction, the authorities must currently try to prove that those responsible have broken other laws, such as kidnapping, false imprisonment, harassment, or assault. Breaching a prevention order is also punishable by up to two years in jail, but for contempt of court. 
Tomorrow Mrs May will announce that a specific criminal offence of forced marriage will be created, meaning anyone who tries to compel someone to wed against their will could be jailed. 
Legislation is expected to be introduced next year. It is part of the Government's attempt to smash Labour's doctrine of multiculturalism, which ministers argue meant unacceptable practices such as forced marriage were not tackled effectively.
Bigots! Here in Canada we would never ban such practices, "multiculturalism" being one of our holiest bovines, with even a Conservative government forced to genuflect to its irrationalities

Update: Man, that multiculti ministry spends our money as if it's going out of style. More than $5 million granted to the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office "To provide newcomers with help to establish social and professional networks so they are engaged and feel welcomed in their communities"? Mega-millions shelled out to the Toronto District School Board to teach adult newcomers to speak English? (Why is that even part of the school board's bailiwick?) Sorry, that does not sound like money well spent.

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