Saturday, June 9, 2012

Calling All Media Unsavvy Imams--IRFAN-Canada Has a Course For You!

Do you come across all surly, preachy and hostile when approached by a nosy reporter or caught on camera? Well, my friend, there's a course that can help you temper your message and put on a happy face. Here's the skinny:
The News Media Training Level 1 Course is designed to give you theoretical and practical understanding about how news stories are reported, how to successfully participate in media environments (e.g., radio, television, panel discussions) and how to cultivate positive media relations. Our emphasis is squarely on practical learning. The objective is not only to better prepare you to handle requests by news media outlets but also to encourage your own proactive media plans and strategies. Throughout the training you will be working in special teams with other course participants – in the field and on site. A highly experienced team of award winning journalists and media professionals will be your instructors in this one-of-kind training course. The course fee is only $350 plus HST which includes course materials, refreshments and pastries in the mornings as well as a complimentary lunch on July 7th by our event sponsor IRFAN-Canada.
IRFAN-Canada, to refresh your memory, is a Muslim Brotherhood associate whose charitable status was stripped due to some accounting hanky-panky. Clearly that is not inhibiting its activities, as some other, ahem, benefactor(s) appear to be keeping it flush.

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