Monday, June 4, 2012

Moil Music

From MTV:
UNIVERSAL CITY, California — So, how much fun is it to win an MTV Movie Award? Pretty darn fun, it turns out, especially if you're LMFAO. The "Party Rock Anthem" duo picked up their first Golden Popcorn for Best Music, and the win was everything they hoped it would be — except for one thing: their acceptance speech.

"It went good, but I feel like our acceptance speech was circumcised," RedFoo said. "It got clipped up, because they said, 'You've only got 12 seconds,' and 12 seconds, to me, that's too short. I'm at least a two-minute brother. But 12 seconds, I can't figure it all out," he said, with a not-at-all subtle gesture. "I can't even pull it all out."...
"Circumcised," was it? What a putz!

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