Friday, June 8, 2012

No Matter What...They'll Call This Book Racist

That's actually the title of Harry Stein's new book wherein he demolishes the protective walls of victimhood that imprison black people in America (in Canada, too). Marc Tapson, who reviews the book in FrontPage Magazine, describes the demolition thus:
In a series of chapters given the heading “Let’s Pretend,” Stein demolishes the PC pieties that affirmative action is reasonable, not racist; that fathers don’t matter (“the single greatest tragedy for black people in today’s America – indeed, the greatest calamity since slavery itself – is that scarcely one in four black fathers is on the scene”); that crime has nothing to do with race; that multiculturalism makes for better education (“Fed by a multicultural agenda that stresses the importance of specifically black as opposed to common American experience, even within that narrow spectrum it is a drumbeat of grievance”); and that “acting white” is a problem and not the solution (“far from being the put-down it has been in the black community, ‘acting white’ is the way people of every ethnic background get ahead in America”).
There are those who would tear down the walls of victimhood.  Then again, there are others who prefer to shore them up (sometimes, ironically, by outright ignoring them, and pretending everything's okey-dokey when, clearly, it is not), because without them they'd be out of business.

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