Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ontario's "Human Rights" Code Gets Set to Celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Hip Hip Harumph!

It seemed like a good idea at the time—a "code" designed to protect the rights of every last Ontarian, no matter his/her faith, creed, belief system or provenance. Over the years, though, it has morphed into a nightmare—a vast bureaucracy that maintains a pecking order of victim groups, pushes us around, endeavours to limit our free speech so as to spare "hurt feelings" (but really as a means of consolidating/broadening its own power), and holds itself up as the highest authority around. And now a chap who, chillingly, wants us to "celebrate" each other (no thanks, I prefer to celebrate the only thing that really counts—my freedom) is being touted as the next OHRC Il Duce.

If you don't mind me mixing a metaphor: Hell is other people...who have foolishly and cluelessly paved the way to that fiery domain with the best of Utopian intentions.

Happy Birthday, commissariat-enabling "human rights" code. Here's hoping you don't live to see 60!

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Carlos Perera said...

I have the feeling this shall not provide much solace to Scaramouche, but, from a south-of-the-border standpoint, the Canadian experience with soft totalitarianism has been most instructive, a portent of what we can expect in our own country if we don't redouble our efforts to stop the sociopolitical trends that are pushing us in the same direction as the Great White North. So, thank you very much.