Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Police "Clarify" Eaton's Centre Shooting: It' Not a Gang Bang

One member of a Regent Park gang called the Sic (sic) Thugs espied two other members of the gang, against whom he had a grudge, at a crowded Toronto Eaton's Centre and shot them both, killing one and injuring the other; others, including a 13 year-old boy, were also shot, but all are expected to survive their injuries. And yet the police, splitting hairs with great elan, assure us that this violence was not, they repeat not, "gang related."

How can police insist that this is not a gang thing? Easy-peasy:
Gang-related violence commonly involves struggles between warring factions, most commonly over drugs, but Detective Sergeant Brian Borg, the lead investigator in the Eaton Centre case, said that does not appear to be the case here.
“I believe there’s personal aspects involved,” he told a news conference.
“Our investigation continues to suggest that this is a targeted shooting and not a random act of violence against members of the general public, Even though there are several persons who have been identified in this case as being known gang members, or who have gang associations, I do not believe this to be a gang-motivated shooting.”
So it's only "gang related" if its a coflict between two different gangs and not an interal one? Anyone out there not with the police buying this twaddle?

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Frances said...

And I'm sure this news will be of great comfort to the families of the innocent bystanders shot during the melee.