Friday, June 1, 2012

Sound the Alarm! British Muslim School to Teach the "Wrong" Kind of Islam!

The "wrong" kind--like, say "jihad is the way; sharia rocks; Jews are the devil's minion"? Nuh uh.
CAIRO – The construction of a Muslim free school in the city of Derby in south Britain is dividing the sizable Muslim minority over fears of teaching children twisted Islamic teachings.

"It will teach a secularized form of Islam, stripped of all rules and values, and reduced to a crude universal ethos and a few meaningless rituals,” opposition spokesman Kamran Raja told local newspaper This is Derbyshire.

Financed by the Department of Education, Al Madinah School is set to open in Derby in September.

Opponents say the school adopts a secular ethos, gender mixing and having a non-Muslim head and staff...
"The result will produce another lost generation who have little idea of their identity, lack basic values of halal or haram, discipline, respect or purpose, akin to the secular youths who participated in last summer's riots and fill single parents' estates across the country," Raja said.
Britain is home to a Muslim minority of nearly 2.5 million.
There are around 140 Islamic schools in Britain, just 12 of them are state-funded...
A measly 12 out of 140, eh? Sounds like the alarmists have nothing to worry about.

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