Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vanity Fair Slam's Bibi's "Obsession" With Terrorism

Opineth a VF scribbler (a Jewish one, natch):
Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, opposition candidate for prime minister of Israel, may be a darling of the American media. But as bomb-shocked Israelis go to the polls, Netanyahu's political ace is his 20-year obsession with terrorism
Memo to VF  pundit: You call it an "obsesion; I call it a concern with security and self-preservation. Oh, and guess what?  Not being "obsessed" with terrorism won't make the terrorism go away. Very likely, however, it will result in a lot more Jewish deaths.


Michael Teper said...

I think that Israelis have something to be obsessed about.

Michael Teper said...

It is quite reasonable to be obsessed about not being blown up.

scaramouche said...

Indeed, and ditto.

Carlos Perera said...

Ah, but from the standpoint of the cultural-Marxist Left, regardless of the objective facts regarding Israel's survival (or not) in a very rough neighborhood, the correct political analysis is that Israel is an outpost of the racist-imperialist-capitalist West, and is ipso facto at fault in opposing the liberation struggles of the virtuous people-of-color indigenes

In other words, don't confuse the masses with the facts: Israel is George Zimmerman to the Moslems' Trayvon Martin, and, if the latter wants to beat the former's brains out against the pavement of the Middle East, well, he has it coming; he has no right of self-defense.