Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blacks Beat the Crap Out of Jews in Brooklyn; Media Snore and Ignore It

It doesn't jibe the Blacks-as-victims narrative. Also, according to the Marxist "human rights" ideology, certain victimizers are given a pass if they've suffered in the past.


Carlos Perera said...

Yeah, designated "people of color" generally (e.g., Palestinians)--not just blacks--trump Jews in the victimology hierarchy . . . a fact that seems not to have sunk into the minds of the soi-disant guardians of Jewish interests, like Canada's Bernie Farber or Abe Foxman here in the States, after 40 years on the receiving end of melanin-enhanced anti-Semitism

Mind you, I'll be the first to agree that these guys are really good at kicking Hitler's corpse . . . which is, no doubt, much safer and more comfortable socially and politically than standing up against real enemies in the here and now.

scaramouche said...

According to Ontario's super-virtuous (and super-ghastly) "human rights" racket, only white people are capable of racial discrimination: http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/racial-discrimination-race-and-racism