Monday, July 9, 2012

Eric Margolis Points Fingers at the Perpetrator of a "Murder Most Foul"

The vocal anti-Zionist speculates re who may have "poisoned" old Yasser.
If it was murder, who did it? Swiss scientists say that murder by Polonium 210 could only have been done by a scientifically advanced nation – with a specialized reactor. The only Mideast nation in 2004 to have one was Israel. Israel denied being involved and spread the lie that Arafat died of AIDS – a fact disproven by Swiss scientists.

After Arafat’s death, I speculated that former Soviet biowarfare scientists who emigrated to Israel may have been involved. Israel maintains the Mideast’s largest biowarfare laboratories at Nes Ziona with very advanced technology.

Who else could get to Arafat with Israeli forces blockading his compound? PLO rivals, other Arab states? But none had Polonium 210. Russia? Why? Arafat was a longtime friend.  
We must ask the old legal question, “qui bono,” who benefits from what appears to be murder most foul.
Who benefits? Well, Suha (why would anyone want to "duha") for starters. She stood to gain mega-millions--and did--and is now the merriest widow in Paree. Also, the Palestinians stand to benefit from a PR standpoint if, like Eric, they can blame the Joooos for Yasser's "premature" demise.

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Thermblog said...

Eric's website seems to be down. Could he be a victim of the redirection virus? (Or is this due to actions by highly advanced Israeli technology to stop him spreading the word? Hmm.)