Monday, July 9, 2012

Thomas L. Friedman's Exodus from Sanity, Reality and All Common Sense

Meant to comment on this one when it first appeared, but never got around to it. Since it showed up in yesterday's Toronto Star, I couldn't let it pass. In a column about Egypt's new president, TLF writes:
I truly appreciate the anxiety Israelis feel at seeing their neighborhood imploding. But it is also striking that a people for whom the Exodus story of liberation is so central — and who for so long argued that peace will happen only when the Arabs become democratic — failed to believe that the liberation narrative might one day resonate with the people of Egypt and now proclaim that the problem with the Arabs is that they are becoming democratic.
I highly doubt that Friedman appreciates much of anything about Israel. If he did, he could never proffer the leader of an organization whose raison d'etre is the death of the West and its conquest by Islam (the world's one and only true religion, in the view of true believers) as the Jew--the head Jew, no less--in the Exodus story; given who Morsi is and what he stands for, he's actually much more like Pharaoh.

"Moses" Morsi? Shame on you, Tom!

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