Saturday, July 7, 2012

Libya on the Cusp of Sharia

No worries, though. As Islamist Khaled Zaarug, a candidate for local office and a longtime member of the Muslim Brotherhood, tells VOA News, his ideal is the "moderate" Islamism of Erdogan's Turkey, and what (leftist) kafir could possibly quibble with that since it'll have "rights" and "freedom" galore:
"I think what's happening in Turkey, I think, this is the model, I think, we are thinking to have in Libya, too," Zaarug added.

Zaarug says Libya needs a strong central government with an Islamist approach to ensure order and justice as well as freedom, and he says the policy priorities should include education and economic development.

Zaarug also says women should be guaranteed equal rights. But not everyone agrees. Campaign posters for some of the 625 female candidates have been defaced.

However, all of the women have stressed their Islamic credentials in their advertising, including teacher Eman Almagrbe, an independent candidate from a working-class neighborhood. Her top priority is education, but she also wants voters to know she has been endorsed by a famous Islamist activist.

"The people who encouraged me and other women to go into politics, and provided real support, are the genuine Muslims who want women to play their rightful role," said Almagrbe...
Their rightful role under sharia is to be subservient and second class (and minus a sexual organ or two).

Ain't "democracy" grand?

Libyans Cast Ballots in Historic Vote
Libyan chicks--one of whom, like posters of women candidates, has been "de-faced"--exercise their democratic perogative

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