Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Singular Sensation: Wahhabis Scramble to Find Another Suitable Chick After Saudia Arabia's Lone Female Olympian Fails to Make the Cut

The Wahhabis remain extremely uncomfortable with the idea of female Olympians (what are the odds, eh?), but to demonstrate how far they've come, chick-wise, they're looking for another athlete--and only one--who might be able to compete in London.

Update: Uppity SAP (Saudi Arabian princess) claims asylum in U.K.

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scaramouche said...

Vardit says:

I can't really see any major difference between the UK and Saudi Arabia these days. I think they do have Sharia law in the UK if I'm not mistaken and the Muslims in the UK - a good many of them behave as if they were in Saudi Arabia anyways. Pretty darn sure her making it in the UK is flimsy at best. Wrong place to seek asylum.