Thursday, September 6, 2012

"October Marks a Month of Appreciation and Unity for the Canadian Muslim Community, as We Collaborate to Celebrate and Remember our Beautiful and Multi-Faceted Pasts, Looking Forward in Hopes of Making History"

On the one hand, it remains a bit baffling and more than a little disturbing, to say the least, that, by Conservative government diktat, there's an Islamic History Month every year organized by and run under the auspices of the Zion-loathing Canadian Islamic Congress. On the other hand, the CIC has a grand total of six--count 'em, six--Twitter followers, which tends to indicate that it may not be the puissant body it obviously considers itself to be. On the other other hand--an annual and official Islamic History Month Canada run by the CIC? Really?
Update: The Toronto District School Board, of course, is always onside with this sort of celebration. What follows is a bit of Marx-lite blather from last year's announcement:
As we learn more about the history and achievements of the diverse peoples who live in our country and in our world, we take this opportunity to become more informed about aspects of Islamic cultures in order to address stereotypes related to Islamophobia. Making such knowledge and understanding an ongoing feature of our teaching and learning environment for all students will preserve the pluralistic values of our country and the institutions and neighbourhoods within it.

The Toronto District School Board therefore affirms our commitment to use Islamic History Month to provide learning opportunities and resources for students and staff. 
Kids get to address Islamophobia-related stereotypes? All month long? Yipee! And how, pray tell did the board "celebrate" the province's first official Jewish Heritage Month? Here's how--with a big fat blank.

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