Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Frustration Sets In With Some Keeners Over Premier Kathleen Wynne's, Um, Impotence Re Ontario's "New" Sex Ed Curriculum

Some key players are asking what the hold-up is now that Premier Kathleen Wynne doesn't have to face an election for a while:
Ophea [Ontario Physical and Health Education Association] executive director Chris Markham said thousands of parents, teachers, public health professionals and students were consulted three years ago in developing the curriculum, which puts more emphasis on mental health in high school, and in elementary school includes teaching the proper names for body parts in Grade 1, discussing different kinds of families — including same-sex parents — in Grade 3 and gives middle school teachers tips on how to answer questions about oral and anal sex in the context of safe sex.  
“We’re a little frustrated because it took two years to develop the curriculum but it’s taking more than three years for the government to figure out what to do with it,” said Markham. 
Since the curriculum was shelved abruptly by former premier Dalton McGuinty over objections from a handful of Christian leaders, Ophea has met with a series of education ministers to suggest ways to gather more feedback — from telephone town halls to polls — to no avail. 
“It’s mind-boggling that the government doesn’t have a plan or a timeline for consulting,” said Markham. Supporters of the curriculum say they can’t understand why the Liberals seem to be dragging their heels to enact a curriculum Premier Kathleen Wynne has vowed “will evolve” and that would cost little to implement because the documents are ready and have the support of numerous educators, hospitals, mental health groups and universities...
Man, I'd love to see what's in those documents. Not because I think they'll necessarily show how the moppets will be bombarded with age-inappropriate sexual info (as my son's gym/health teacher told us during our last parent-teacher meeting, he's always learning something new about sex--from the kids), or because I'm worried that they'll be pushing an, ahem, vegetarian agenda, but because I know the docs are bound to be replete with hilarious Heather-has-four-mommies/there-are-sixteen-genders-which-one-are-you? social indoctrination composed in earnest pedagoguese, and I'm always up for a good laugh.

Update: Ophea--I always liked that song by The Band:

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