Friday, June 7, 2013

If Jihadis are the (Lone) Wolves, Then We Wooly-Brained Infidels are the Sheep: Mark Steyn in Stoughton, MA

Wish I'd been there. Right Wing Granny was, and writes about it here:
The title of Mark Steyn’s presentation was, “My Dagestani Brother’s Keeper, Jihad, Welfare and the Western Death Wish.”  He pointed out the pattern that has emerged in the major media reporting of the terrorist attacks in America and around the world. The reporting begins with the fact that the western friends of the terrorist or attempted terrorist are stunned by the fact that their friend has been involved in terrorism. That report is followed by utter bewilderment as to what possible motive the terrorist might have had. The next claim is that the terrorist attack is the work of a ‘lone wolf.’ It must be something of a shock to find out the their lone wolf was actually in contact with other lone wolves. 
Mark Steyn pointed out that many recent terrorists were already being watched–the man who killed Drummer Lee Rigby in London was known to British authorities–he had been caught in Kenya three times attempting to get to Somalia. There were two anti-terrorism task forces monitoring Major Nidal Hasan before the Fort Hood attack. Just for the record, simply watching a terrorist does not seem to be a very effective course of action.
In that sense, the jihadi-watchers are not unlike those who are laughingly called "UN observers." Exemplars of impotence, both tend do a lot of watching/observing, and not much else.

To paraphrase that Elvis Costello tune: They are watching the defectives/It's so cool/They are watching the defectives/Who wanna rule, rule, rule, rule...

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