Friday, June 14, 2013

Looking for Validation in All the Wrong Places--a NOW Magazine Exclusive About Muslim Gays Who Go Looking for It in the Koran

On the rare occasion I take a look-see at the hyper-progressive rag, it's because I know I'm sure to find unintentionally funny stuff such as this, an article headlined "Allah loves gays, too":
A cool breeze tickles the large Palestinian flag hanging in a window, and my fears are allayed. There are lots of frizzy brown heads like my own, and the men seem accepting and inclusive of the women. People murmur in soft tones as they gather their coffee donated by a local Timothy’s. Black markers squeak on bristol board outlining that morning’s topics. An Introduction To The Contemporary Queer Muslim Movement, Thematic And Contextual Readings Of The Story Of Lut....
The diverse audience exchange shy smiles. Besides the smattering of young gay Muslims of both genders, there’s a 50-year-old American lesbian who embraced Islam after 9/11, a huge African-American man in white skullcap and robe, South Asian dykes gleaming in their saris, and non-Muslim gay supporters of the event. No one is in a hijab.  
Wow, that is, like, unbelievably "diverse." Except for all the "frizzy brown heads," I mean (a description which, were it in, say, the Toronto Sun, would be thought "racist").

Also--don't know about you, but my fears are sustained and even heightened when I find myself in a room with a large, wind-tickled Palestinian flag.

Update: A reality check for the frizzy-headed folks in the room with the wind-kissed flag:
"The Koran is not going to change, the prophetic position is not going to change. Muslim thinking and practices are not going to change...
Don't tell me, let me guess--the frizzy-headed ones tried to muffle the cognitive dissonance by breaking out into this song:

Allah loves me,
This I know
For the Koran tells me so.
Though they'll kill me
For my "crime"
Let's all think of Palestine...

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