Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh, Those Dastardly Joooos--Using Sex as a Weapon to Draw Attention Away from Their Eee-ville Apartheid Ways

Queers unhinged--and, like, totally deranged.

In QuAIAville, apparently, sexuality, sexual freedom, and lots and lots of hot, hot hook-ups are to be much desired--and part of the whole "Pride" ethos. Except, that is, in Israel, where such freedom must be part of a nefarious Joooish scheme to repress the Palestinians. 

As for sharia law, which views queerness as a crime worthy of a death sentence--why, that's not the least bit repressive, right?

And Abunimah's ape'n'hogwash, a distraction from the threat of sharia (call it his "greenwashing")? It's as bigoted as it is bonkers. (H/t: Sassy)

Abunimah Flyer 6-3-13

Update: In a queer way this seems to be related--someone is killing Muslim men in Toronto's Gaytown.

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