Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Poor Kenny. He's Dead--Again

Entertainment Weekly has a gallery of TV characters with the worst luck, ones who have suffered unforeseen and often unbelievably awful turns of fate. My favorite has to be Kenny McCormick, whipping boy/scapegoat of profane 'toon series South Park. His streak of "outrageous misfortunes" is listed as follows:
Raised by abusive, alcoholic, unemployed parents; constantly teased for his poverty; killed numerous ways throughout the series. Causes of death included decapitation, gunshot wounds, microwave oven, dodgeball, chickenpox, spontaneous combustion, giant fan, drowning, falling piano, plague, lava, muscular dystrophy, autoerotic asphyxiation, and boredom.
Yikes! And you thought the Kardashians had tsuris (the Yiddish word for cares and woes).

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