Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shame On Montreal's McGill U for Handing an Honorary Doctorate to One of the Loopiest Zion-Loathers in Academia--Or Anywhere

There's a fine line between well-considered and legitimate criticism of Israel, and obsessive, irrational Zionhass. McGill's honouree crossed over into Whackytown quite some time ago:
Recently the Montreal university McGill decided to award an honorary doctorate to UC Berkeley Professor and anti-Israel activist Judith Butler, a darling of the academic left.  
This set off written protests from McGill’s only pro-Israel student organization and from an outraged McGill professor whom the students inspired.  
Butler specializes in the fields of feminism, queer theory, political philosophy, and ethics, and has devoted much of her academic career to the struggle to eliminate the state of Israel...
Thereby making her a perfect candidate for an honorary degree at any number of delightful post-Secondary School institutions which share the same animus - Gaza U, say?

Update: Don't let it be said that Judith Butler has never won an award for her work before. In 1998, for example, she earned the fourth annual Bad Writing Award for prose that was not merely bad, but was execrably so.

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