Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Chicks' Guide to Life Under ISIS Or: The Road to Purdah-ition

If you're a chick, life in the self-declared Caliphate isn't exactly fun in the sun:
A lengthy treatise has been published online in Arabic by female IS supporters in Iraq and Syria, calling themselves the Khansaa Brigades. Aimed primarily at attracting female recruits from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, it sets out to answer questions and debunk myths.  
Now it has been translated into English and published by the London-based counter-extremism think-tank, Quilliam. 
"It is considered legitimate," says the document, "for a girl to be married at the age of nine."  
"Most pure girls," it adds, "will be married by 16 or 17".  
From this time onwards she should remain hidden from view, supporting the Caliphate from behind closed doors.  
Women, it says, should not be backward, in fact they should be educated, especially about all aspects of the Islamic religion, but only from the ages of seven to 15.  
The Western model of emancipated women leaving the house to work, it says, has failed, with women "gaining nothing from the idea of equality with men apart from thorns".
Fashion boutiques and beauty salons are the work of Iblis, the devil, it states.
Sorry, but the appeal of spending one's life hidden from view and being the sex slave of an Iblis who spends his days engaged decapitating and/or immolating living prisoners completely eludes me.

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