Monday, February 9, 2015

Liberal "Guilt" Strikes Again as Former P.M. Paul Martin Shills to Bring "Indigenous Thought" Into Classrooms

I have nothing "Indigenous thinking" per se. I just don't happen to think it belongs on the school curriculum (unless, of course, it's part of a course about liberal/leftist guilt). Paul Martin, a guilt-ridden leftist who's on the Board of Directors of an organization bent on establishing a "new partnership" between Canadians and First Nations peoples, thinks otherwise:
Can indigenous thought hold its own? Of course it can. Modern science and mathematics are an essential component of indigenous learning. However, unlike Western teaching, which compartmentalizes much knowledge, the indigenous approach, which is grounded in the links between all of existence, is more holistic. Or to come at it another way: Western thought often implies that we are above nature. Indigenous thought states that we are unequivocally a part of nature, which is one of the reasons indigenous thinkers have had trouble making themselves heard in so many debates, such as those focused on the environment.
In other words, let's use "Indigenous thought" as an excuse to indoctrinate the kids in the "climate change" bunkum. No thanks, Mr. Martin.

Update: Indigenous thought on scalping is also quite, um, holistic (except for the part where the scalp is separated from the rest of the body, of course:


Frances said...

"Indigenous thought states that we are unequivocally a part of nature,..." Which is why, at the buffalo jumps, the Indians really tried to run the whole herd over the jump, regardless as to its size. The explanation I heard is that they believed any buffalo who survived would warn others to avoid the area.

Given their lifestyle, indigenous people were extremely affected by nature, whether they wanted to be or not. Were they conservationists? I doubt it. It was more a case of "needs must" when it came to living the way they did.

scaramouche said...

I wonder if Mr. Martin thinks it's a good idea to introduce the kids to "Indigenous thought" about scalping: