Thursday, February 5, 2015

Obamacare "Genius" Jonathan Gruber's "Modest Proposal" for Fighting Obesity

Back in the day, satirist Jonathan Swift came up with an ingenious if rather gruesome way for poor Irish families to get rid of the burden of too many children (i.e. by selling them to rich people, who would eat them). In our time, another Jonathan (Gruber)--as an architect of Obamacare, an unintentional satirist--has come up with an ingenious if rather totalitarian way to combat obesity (i.e. by taxing people according to their weight; the fatter you are, the more you pay).

We know that Gruber, one of the towering intellects associated with the Obama administration, is dead serious in making this proposal. Nevertheless, I think he should be in line for some sort of comedy--or clowning--award.

Biggest Obamacare Bozo, perhaps?

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