Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Corrie In Kayla

When I wrote this post yesterday, little did I know that Rachel and Kayla had so much in common. Mark Steyn fills us in:
Yesterday it was confirmed that yet another Islamic State hostage is dead: Kayla Mueller, a 26-year-old "aid worker" from Arizona. Time magazine hails Miss Mueller as "a role model for her generation":
She's the role model we really need... Mueller represented the best qualities of the millennial generation–our idealism, our optimism, and our love of our families–without the troublesome ones.
Sure. But what does youthful "idealism" mean in this context? Well, she volunteered for the International Solidarity Movement - as in solidarity with the "oppressed" Palestinians. From Kayla Mueller's blog:
Oppression greets us from all angles. Oppression wails from the soldiers' radio and floats through tear gas clouds in the air. Oppression explodes with every sound bomb and sinks deeper into the heart of the mother who has lost her son. But resistance is nestled in the cracks in the wall, resistance flows from the minaret five times a day and resistance sits quietly in jail knowing its time will come again. 
Resistance lives in the grieving mother's wails and resistance lives in the anger at the lies broadcasted across the globe. Though it is sometimes hard to see and even harder sometimes to harbour, resistance lives. Do not be fooled, resistance lives.
If "idealism" is defined as taking the side of the Palestinians against the Israelis, Kayla Mueller was super-idealistic. That's her right, of course - the right to choose which side she was on. And then she took her "idealism" and "optimism" off to Syria. And, even though she was on their side and believed as they do that "resistance flows from the minaret five times a day", to ISIS she was just another high-value infidel. So they kidnapped her and killed her. 
Kayla Mueller didn't deserve to die, anymore than her fellow victims in the vast mound of corpses piled up by the Islamic State deserved to die. But an "idealist" is just a rosy-hued evasion for a dupe.
And because this "dupe" wasn't accidentally flattened by a Zionist bulldozer, she won't be hailed as the Anne Frank of the "resistance" and get her own West End or Off-Broadway play. 

There's a lesson in that somewhere.

Update: "The real Kayla Mueller" was one of those Zion-loathing "humanitarians":
Mueller wasn’t a humanitarian aid worker. She wasn’t a peace activist. She wasn’t trying to make things better for everyone in the Middle East. She was part of the problem, an ally with medieval theocratic totalitarians against Western civilization. 
Mueller was an Islamic terrorist sympathizer who worked for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which certainly is not a humanitarian organization. The ISM is a terrorist-linked organization that attempts to sabotage the anti-terrorism activities of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The ISM backs the enemies of Israel, including Hamas, and those in the Palestinian Authority who seek to destroy Israel...

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