Monday, February 9, 2015

The "Progressive" Mindset: They Think They're the Grownups and We're the Kids

I think Michael Auslin is on to something here:
After six years, it is so tiring to constantly be lectured to, talked down to, by Barack Obama that at some level, the content doesn’t really matter. It’s the principle of the thing. We elected a commander-in-chief, not a scold-in-chief, but the latter is what the progressive Left, embodied by Obama, sees as its primary role today. They just can’t see the rest of the country, outside the Upper East Side salons and Cambridge and San Francisco dining rooms, as adults. We’re all of us, all 300 million of us, the slightly dim children that need to be lectured to constantly. Sit up, don’t slouch, you’re forgetting your racist past, etc., etc.
And let's not forget "get off your high horse." That's one for the ages.

Update: "Mom" Susan Rice is "micromanaging" America's generals, says Bob Woodward. That's truly terrifying. The only thing scarier: Valerie Jarett doing the micromanaging.

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