Friday, February 6, 2015

Theme Song From Georgie Boy (the Musical)

Hey there, Georgie Boy,
Odious, obnoxious to the core.
Man, you know you're such a bore
When you rail at "Zionists."

Hey there, Georgie Boy,
Like an Oswald Mosely for today,
"Is-ra-el will have to pay," you say
As you shake your fists.

You always bring excitement
Along with incitement, too.
Then claim that you're a friend of the Jew.
(You're full of it!)

Hey there, Georgie Boy,
You're a jihad-lover and a creep.
Time to leave without a peep
And, oh, how the folks'll cheer.
You'll disappear.
Buh bye, Georgie boy!

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