Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tolerance, Shmolerance. It's the Jihad, Avi!

There's a fundamental flaw at the heart of Avi Benlolo's "Comment" piece in the Canadian Jewish News.  Benlolo, who heads up Friends of Simon Center for Holocaust Studies, is delighted by the "success" of his organization's "tolerancemobile" (my name for it; Benlolo says it's "a mobile classroom called the Tour for Humanity"). The vehicle is a vehicle for the the warm 'n' fuzzy concept that the Wiesenthalers think will persuade folks to "tolerate" Jews and not want to spring another genocide on 'em. To that end, Wiesenthal engages in frantic "outreach" efforts, as Avi 'splains here:
To my knowledge we are the only organization committed to outreach to diverse populations on this scale. Every day we meet with students from a cross section of the communities that make up our multicultural province--including Mennonites, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others--as we deliver content forces on the Holocaust, genocide and heroes to communities eager to hear our message of tolerance and respect for diversity.
That's swell, Avi. But what about the jihad? What about the Islamic supremacism? What about the sharia? What about the intolerance and the Jew-hate written into Islam's holy texts, the words which do so much to fuel hatred of Israel and Jewry today? What say you about that?:
Like the Nazi ideology that preceded it, terrorism has sparked a global war it cannot win. History has proven time and again that respect, compassion and a profound belief in freedom will always triumph over tyranny and hate. This conviction informs the work of the Tour for Humanity...
It's a shame your work isn't informed by a working knowledge of historical jihad and the millions upon millions who were killed--and who continue to be killed--because of it. But then, that would conflict with your smarmy bromides and Trudeaupian mush, and then, lickety split, your "tolerancemobile" would run out of gas.

Update: I don't know about you, but few things stick in my craw as much as the likes of Benlolo fetishizing Anne Frank. Thus, this image of Anne on the Wiesenthalers' website:

Thus, too, this wrap up of his CJN piece:
As western leaders are drawn unwillingly into a battle they would rather avoid, I remain committed to following the advice of Anne Frank, whose wisdom continues to inspire students in the Tour for Humanity classroom: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
What a revolting misuse of Anne Frank who, lest we forget, died a horrible death at the hands of pathological Jew-haters. That--and not the perky "progressive" wisdom, the gushing, Gidget-like optimism of the 1950s American play, should be the insight gleaned from the Anne Frank story. And here's the most honest, the most salient "wisdom" from her sorry story: she didn't have a chance to "improve the world" because the irrational Jew-haters, who are even more numerous and more irrational today, and a good number of whom, pace the Wiesenthalers' multiculti delusions about non-specific/generic "terrorism," are Muslims who live amongst us in the West, and who are determined to consign the Anne Franks of our time to an equally ghastly death.

Put that in your "tolerancemobile" and smoke it, Mr. B.

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