Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Why Are Tens of Millions of Muslims Convinced That Their Religion Allows Them to Persecuate and Slaughter Others?

Michael Coren poses the question here:
What Obama was perhaps trying to say [with his lecture about "the Crusades" and "Jim Crow" at that breakfast] was that people use religion to conduct all sorts of evil deeds and in that he is correct. But if he genuinely understood history and religion, he would know that Christ’s actual teachings were seldom the reason for ancient injustices.  
The question that must be asked – and Obama and so many like him have neither the courage nor the wit to do so – is whether the same can be said of Islam. There is much that is lyrical and loving in the Qur'an, countless Muslims are peaceful and pious, most victims of Islamism are other Muslims, but why are tens or hundreds of millions of Muslims convinced that their religion allows them to persecute and slaughter others?  
It’s a tough one, and very few, if any, politicians will even attempt it. So it’s up to the rest of us; ask with grace, gentleness and understanding but for God’s sake, ask!
Actually, it isn't tough at all. In fact, it can be answered in a single word: jihad. Or in two words: holy war. Here's a brief reading list for anyone (including Coren and the POTUS) who wants to read up on it. (I think the reason why few, if any, politicians ever ask the question is due to A) political correctness and B) abject fear and C) ignorance about Islamic dogma and the assumption that all religions are more or less the same (an idea based on the bill of goods they've been sold by our dogma of multiculturalism).

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