Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Sign of Zionhass at Yesterday's Anti-Harper Protest in Toronto

The protesters say they are terrified that the government's anti-terrorism bill will enmesh Aboriginal and anti-climate change activists in its net. At around the 29 second mark of this Global News video, however, you will see a sign (hand-scrawled on red Bristol board) setting out something else of grave concern to some in this gaggle of socialists, anarchists, Islamophobiaphobes and general malcontents. I speak, of course, of the nefarious and covert plot to unleash a "Zionist NWO" (New World Order).

Oooo. Scary.

Update: One little, two little, three little Zion-loathers (Sid Ryan, Zafar Bangash, Ali Mallah) at yesterday's do.

Update: Zafar's Khomeinist e-zine has a write-up about the protest, one that includes a line that the pro-sharia zanies are obviously trying to turn into a meme:
Contrary to Harper’s claims, the bill is extremely unpopular among Canadians as was evident from the turnout at the rallies.

Speakers also drew attention to the fact that Muslims were being singled out for attacks and Canadians should be wary of such tactics and not to fall into this trap.

Every speaker rejected such fear mongering and Islamophobia.

Canada-wide rallies were called for only a couple of weeks ago. Despite the rain, thousands of people came out to pack Nathan Philip Square in Toronto. There was hardly an inch of space left anywhere to stand on.

There was a strong presence from the Canadian Labor movement, students, teachers, workers and people from other walks of life.

People held signs they had made themselves. There was an overriding theme rejecting fear that Harper is trying to create among Canadians. Repeatedly speakers called for defeating Harper at the next election that must be held by October 2015 and could come sooner.

One placard read: ‘There is a greater chance of being killed by a moose than by a terrorist!’
Damn those radical moose! Them and their jihad!

Update: No protest of this kind is complete without the dainty and adorable Judy Rebick (via Greg Renouf).

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Frances said...

"Muslims were singled out" wasn't Mormons who killed the two soldiers last fall. Nor are Buddists, Anglicans, or Hindus on trial for terrorism.