Thursday, March 12, 2015

Actually, Mr. Trudeau, When It Comes To Importing Jihadis Into Canada (in the Name of "Diversity" and "Inclusion"), None IS Too Many

In a blatant bid to pander to Muslim voters, Justin Trudeau invoked an infamous phrase:
Trudeau's speech was long on innuendo, short on fact. The talk, "Canadian Liberty and the Politics of Fear," evoked the internment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.               
He accused Harper of "the same rhetoric that led to a 'none is too many' immigration policy towards Jews in the '30s and '40s being used today, to raise fears against Muslims today." 
(By "none is too many," Trudeau was referring to the title of a book by Irving Abella and Harold Troper that documented how, during the Second World War, the Canadian government denied asylum to Jews trying to leave Nazi-dominated Europe.)  
And what evidence did Trudeau provide of this anti-Muslim rhetoric he said emanates from Harper's government? 
That's not exactly true. His "evidence" consists of the government's call for a veiled Muslim woman to show her face when she takes the oath of citizenship.

That's hardly akin to refusing entry to group of desperate European Jewish refugees aboard the SS St. Louis, now, is it?

Here's the problem with Trudeau's speech. Sometimes, "the other" is genuine threat. Oh, certainly not all, or even most, of them. But it is clear that a significant minority of Muslims in Canada are into the jihad stuff and that it is something Canadians should be worried about. To pretend otherwise, as Justin does, and to allow those who are waging and/or supporting the jihad to simply get on with it because "diversity" and "inclusion"--in other words, to give them a pass because we got it wrong re Japanese Canadians and Jewish refugees back in WW2 days--is to be a ninny of the first order. To do so in the name of "liberty" (the supposed theme of Justin's speech), is so perverse that it borders on the obscene, so ignorant that it poses a clear and present threat to the health of Canada's body politic and Canadians' life and limb.

God help us all if Justin, with his rainbows and unicorns twaddle, his pea-brained platitudes, his cloying multiculti bromides, ever gets to be our prime minister.


Will MFS said...

I honestly can't watch him on TV, I start swearing as soon as he starts talking, the 'moron' seems always lost in a theatrical Shakespeare play when opening his mouth.

Pierre said...

As a Yank I am shocked when I see Trudeau in the media.

He is a talking sock puppet for the most absurd leftist nonsense.

How is it possible for this man to be taken seriously?

ButchCountry said...

oh Canada is in for a world of hurt if Justin gets to play Prime Minister. that Idiot Mulcair isn't much better, I've seen what the NDP had done to Saskatchewan, if he gets into power, everyone should just line up at their local welfare offices as suddenly there will be no jobs and every private business will be forced to become government run or leave.