Tuesday, March 17, 2015

David Frum Excoriates Justin Trudeau's Pandering "None Is Too Many" Speech

I haven't lent much credence to David Frum's writings in recent years. Since Obama took office, Dave has tempered--watered down, really-- his words so that he and the wife can still attend those swanky inside-the-beltway cocktail parties. In today's NatPo, however, Frum nails it re Justin Trudeau's ludicrous and offensive "none is too many" speech, the one in which, writes Frum, Justin pandered to a "key audience," which is to say Muslim voters. Here's Frum reprising Trudeau's words in order to shoot them down:
 “We should all shudder to hear the same rhetoric that led to a ‘none is too many’ immigration policy toward Jews in the ’30s and ’40s, being used to raise fears against Muslims today.”
In case any TV crew missed the soundbite, Trudeau reprised it later in his speech: “This is not the spirit of Canadian liberty, my friends. It is the spirit of the Komagata Maru. Of the St. Louis. Of ‘none is too many.’” 
Trudeau’s analogy turned history upside-down. The European Jews who sought refuge in Canada in the 1930s and 1940s were fleeing an ideology that defined them as inferior and demanded they wear special identifying badges of inferiority. Trudeau now urges Canada to enable and assist those who define women as inferior — and who require women to wear special identifying badges of their inferiority.
This is good too:
We hear a lot these days about “the new Jews”: people who supposedly have replaced the Jews as the victims of persecution. But when you review the data on which religious groups are targeted for hate crimes, it turns out — to borrow a line from an old rock anthem — that when you meet the new Jews, they’re the same as the old Jews. And when you listen to the debate about Charlie Hebdo, about the massacre at the Parisian kosher market, about the attempted massacre at a free-speech gathering in Copenhagen, and the actual murder at the synagogue there — you realize that some of the people most eager to pose as victims are in reality the most merciless victimizers
Excellent point. It's not one Trudeau is likely to make, though, since it's not going to ingratiate him with a crucial voting bloc. And, as panderer Justin well knows, the ratio of Muslims to Jews in Canada is now 3:1.

In light of Trudeau's appropriation of the infamous line, I feel a great need to tweak it for the times. Hence: how many Trudeaus should be prime minister of Canada? Answer: One is too many.

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Suzanne said...

It is clear to see where David Frum, former speech-writer to the colossal dunce, George W. Bush and author of the despicable "Axis of Evil" speech is going with this screed. He's already ginning up the xenophobic rhetoric and whining about how Israel lost its best friend when it lost the Israel apologist and sickening sychophant, Stephen Harper.

I remember well the early days of the god-forsaken Iraq war, Frum and his neocon bedfellows making the rounds of the MSM with nauseating regularity attempting to whip up the flames of hate and intolerance to fever pitch. Their aim was to keep up support for their failed, illegal and inhumane war which was unraveling daily. When this was finally apparent to one and all and people were turning away in disgust, Frum and pals crawled under their usual rocks and laid low waiting for it to blow over. Given time, they always slither back out to begin again with the usual drumbeats for war and xenophobic rants.

Harper, in his blind support for Israel - despite its many human rights violations and flouting of international laws - was leading Canada in direction which was not in its best interests. I think Canadians realized this and were increasingly disgusted watching Harper fawn and kiss Netanyahu's ass. He DID NOT speak for Canadians on Israel and foreign policy and they finally gave him a much deserved and way overdo boot from office.

I think Trudeau is going to use a much more even-handed approach with regard to Mideast politics and the Israel/Palestine conflict than his Israel-worshipping, xenophobic predecessor and not make every little grievance of Israel the focal point of his government or the concern of Canadians. This is both just and good for Canada. It is clear that he intends to protect the rights of ALL Canadians and not just the chosen few.