Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Gunmen" Kill 8, Take Hostages at Tunis Museum

"Gunmen"--the word those sans a spine employ for "jihadis" :
(CNN)[Breaking news, published at 9:11 a.m. ET]
Eight people have died in an attack at the Bardo National Museum in Tunisia's capital, Tunis, Mohamed Ali Aroui, a spokesman for the Tunisian interior ministry, said on national radio.  
Aroui also said on national television that two men, dressed in military garb, had gone into the museum and opened fire. Aroui called them Islamists.  
A hostage situation is underway at the museum, the Tunisian Interior Ministry told CNN. 
Housed in a palace dating to the 19th century, the museum describes itself as "a jewel of Tunisian heritage." It explores Tunisian art, culture and history and boasts a collection of mosaics, including one of the poet Virgil, as well as marble sculptures, furniture, jewels and other artifacts...
You know if these "gunmen" have their way, you can say buh-bye to all that stuff (because they are artifacts of jahiliyyah).

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