Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nicholas Kristoff Visits Gaza, Has His Photo Taken With an Adorable Infant--and Blames Israel for Gazans' Misery

Naturally, this being the New York Times, the way Kristoff spins it is that Israel, not Hamas, is primarily to blame for the people's wretchedness. (Damn you, Israel, for daring to do something about Hamas rockets being fired on your civilian population. Don't you know that they were "homemade" projectiles, cooked up with tender lovin' care in Hamas's Pillsbury Homemade MissilesTest Kitchen, and therefore nothing to worry about?)

Why not pin some of the blame on, say, UNRWA? It was supposedly set up to ease Palestinians' suffering. Instead, it has done its utmost to perpetuate it.

As for that adorable infant shown in a photo with Kristoff, sure, they start out to be the quintessence of cuteness, but due to stubborn, pathological Zionhass, it isn't too long before some of them look like this:

But according to Kristoff, that's Israel's fault, too.

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