Friday, March 6, 2015

"Night and Day You Are the One/Only You Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun..."

In other words, "Allahu Akbar"?

Here's how I would rework the song (with apologies profuse to Mr. P.)--an "homage" to B. Obama:

Night and day,
You aren't "The One."
Tho' your narcissism blooms
Right under the sun.
Whether some adore you so
The truth of it as we all know:
You're full of spite
Day and night.

Night and day, it is the norm
That the nation's what you'll
Fundament'ly transform.
Whether constitutional
Or not--who cares?
You say it's your call.
You're screwing up
Day and night.

Night and day, 

Our foes are all gath'ring strength.
To grasp onto to power so sour
They will go to any length.
And their jihad it won't end

Just because you are trying to be their undying friend.
Day and night,
Night and day...

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