Monday, March 2, 2015

Obama's Foreign Policy Has Gone From Bad to Perverse

VDH writes:
[Obama] has gone from mild displeasure with Israel to downright antipathy. Suddenly we are in a surreal world where off-the-record slurs from the administration against Benjamin Netanyahu as a coward and chickensh-t have gone to full-fledged attacks from John Kerry and Susan Rice, to efforts of former Obama political operatives to defeat the Israeli prime minister at the polls, to concessions to Iran and to indifference about the attacks on Jews in Paris. Who would have believed that Iranian leaders who just ordered bombing runs on a mock U.S. carrier could be treated with more deference than the prime minister of Israel? What started out six years as pressure on Israel to dismantle so-called settlements has ended up with a full-fledged vendetta against a foreign head of state.
A POTUS who can't tell the good guys from the bad guys; who cozies up to Iran (which, armed with nuclear warheads, poses an existential threat to "Satans" both great and small); who goes golfing at the most inopportune times; who cannot bring himself to utter the word "jihad"; who, though having reputedly attended some of the fanciest universities around, cannot properly define the word "random"; who thinks the West "owes" everyone else an apology; what can one say about such a man, save for this: he may or may not be insane, but his worldview and the policies that spring from it are daft, demented and deadly.

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