Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quel Shockeroo (Not!): Zafar Bangash HATES Capitalism

That's because capitalism means freedom in the infidel sense of the word, something that's not copacetic with the man who is arguably the Ayatollah's biggest, most Zion-loathing fanboy in Canada. Re capitalism, Bangash opines:
If capitalism is such a great system why is there such widespread poverty in the world? Capitalism is run by vultures that prey on the innocent and the weak creating gross inequalities between and within societies. 
As opposed, of course, to the fantastic equality and widespread wealth that exists at every level of society within the Muslim world, including in Iran.

You can see why Zafar and so many on the Left are so mui simpatico. They both love and despise the same things (which is to say that they love totalitarianism and loathe Western democracy and rule of law).

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