Monday, March 16, 2015

Sucking Up to Mullahs Bears Fruit--in Saudi Arabia

Obama's groveling to Shias is pissing off the Wahhabis--big time.

Update: A WaPo editorial wonders if Obama  will "tolerate Iran's aggression to preserve (the) nuke deal."

To answer that question, here's the Grandiose Ayatollah to sing the showstopper from the Broadway musical Sweet Charity:

If he could see me now
That scowling bearded one.
They're sucking up like mad until that deal is done
I've got those stumblebums John Kerry and O.
Running around as though there's nowhere to go.
All I can say is: Ha!
They're both such clueless wimps.
Obama's "legacy" has turned 'em into simps.
Allahu Akbar; holy cow!
He'd be high-fiving
If Khomeini could see me now!

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