Friday, March 6, 2015

The Ceeb Does Its Best to Bury the Jihad Aspect of the Parliament Shooter Story

What could have possibly motivated the lad to shoot and kill a Canadian soldier standing on guard at the National War Memorial and then storm into Parliament? Although a Ceeb radio report at the top of the last hour stated that the words "Allah" and "jihad" were featured in a video the shooter made prior to his death, the Ceeb's online story makes no mention of it. Instead, it harps on the usual palaver that lefties employ to keep all mention of jihad at bay:
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau is dead, felled by police gunfire inside the Centre Block of Parliament Hill on Oct. 22 after shooting a Canadian soldier in the back. 
The question of why he did it, what exactly motivated his attack on one of Canada's most visible symbols of democracy should finally be answered on Friday, when RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson releases the video Zehaf-Bibeau made on his cellphone. 
Sources tell CBC News the video statement is not even a minute long, but in that brief period Zehaf-Bibeau explains that he attacked Parliament to avenge Canadian forces being sent to Muslim lands. 
That presumably includes Afghanistan, and Canada's participation in the air strikes against Libya — the country where Zehaf-Bibeau's father was born. 
For Conservatives, it seems that a minute-long video is more than enough justification for the months spent dissecting Canada's anti-terrorism efforts, work that culminated with the introduction of Bill C-51 at the end of January. 
But will there be enough there for Canadians to decide whether Zehaf-Bibeau's thoughts reveal the actions of a jihadi terrorist, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper maintains, or those of a deranged lone wolf with a history of drug abuse and mental health problems...
You see, the video was really, really short. Hardly even a minute, really. And, in any case, it's our fault for not minding our own beeswax and for trespassing on Muslim lands. And besides, he's one of those "lone wolves" who acted entirely on his own and who almost certainly was a druggie and a lunatic--so no worries about a larger global jihad in any of that, right?

Like I said, the usual lefty palaver--delusional, clueless--all aimed at downplaying the jihad and, if possible, outright ignoring it.

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