Wednesday, March 18, 2015

There Is No Joy in Obamaville (or Ayatollaville)...

...mighty Bibi did not strike out.

Update: A disappointed Obama karayokes a Hebrew standard:

B. Netanyahu,
He won the day--boo!
He is a man who
Gives me the heaves.

Gave it my best shot.
Mixed in--and why not?
Hate him a whole lot.
Tricks up his sleeves.

Haven't I got the right,
The heft, the wits, the might
To deal with nukes tonight--
Those in Iran?

He is my greatest foe.
Oh, how I hoped he'd go.
He's brought me lots of woe,
Spit on my plan.

Who'll rule,
Who'll rule the day?
I'll have my way, despite his vic'try.
Sign that deal, assure my leg'cy.
Bibi won't win, you soon will all see.
Bibi won't win!
Bibi won't win!
Bibi will wish that he had lost!

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