Friday, May 1, 2015

"Media Party" Ignoring MP Cotler's Pro-Censorship Folly? You Betcha!

I was shocked to learn yesterday that Irwin Cotler--shame on him!--has introduced a bill in Parliament seeking to restore the state censorship provision in Canada's human rights legislation; after a hard-fought battle, the odious, illiberal Section 13 was dropped to much fanfare in 2012. I learned of Cotler's folly from an Ezra Levant video on Kathy Shaidle's site. In the video, Levant comments that we likely we likely won't be hearing much about the bill from the "media party," Levant's cheeky coinage for the mainstream media. (He calls it a "party" because they act in synch and march in lockstep, as would the members of any political party.)

A quick search of the web shows that Levant is absolutely correct. The only news report I could find on Cotler's bill is in The Epoch Times, a freebie rag that hardly qualifies as "mainstream."

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