Friday, May 8, 2015

The Hart of Harper Derangement Syndrome

Election time is looming and the media here in Canada, many members of whom suffer from a wicked case of HDS, are redoubling their efforts to thwart yet another Conservative win. And you know what that means--it's time to capture their efforts in song. Here it is (sans the introductory verse), a Great American Songbook standard, rejigged for the Canadian scene, and with apologies to Messers Hart and Rodgers, the chaps who created it. (I put the lyricist first because it's his words I'm messing with):

They're back again. Attack again.
A slobbering, clobbering pack again.
Deranged, dogged and deluded are they.

They twist again, they hissed again.
They've brought out the knives and the fist again.
Deranged, dogged and deluded are they.

Hate him 'cuz he's a Tory.
Think that he's got us conned.
Claim he's hid an "agenda"
But can't say where it's gone.

Their guy, Trudeau, could slay their foe.
If he doesn't win they'll be full of woe.
Deranged, dogged and deluded are they...

Harper Derangement Syndrome doesn't get
any nuttier than this.

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