Thursday, May 7, 2015

WaPo: As Ben Carson Bashes Obama, Many Blacks See a Hero's Legacy Fade

Reading that headline, I thought the hero whose legacy was fading was Obama. Silly moi. The story is about Dr. Carson's supposedly fading reputation. Carson used to be hailed as a hero in the black community because of his astonishing achievements as a pediatric neurosurgeon. (He performed the first successful operation to separate twins conjoined at the head, in 1987.) Now, however, he has been knocked off his icon pedestal because he stands opposed to everything Obama believes in (i.e. freebies, dependency and the culture of grievance/entitlement based on victimhood and race).

A question: in the long run, how much better off would African-Americans be were they to emulate a Carson instead of an Obama?

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