Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lorrie Goldstein to Justin Trudeau: Shun the UN Until It Shuns Its Egregious Jew-Hate

Now that the Liberals are back in power, Canada is seeking to heighten its profile at the UN via a seat on the Security Council. But since the UN is ground zero for global Jew 'n' Israel-hate, the Toronto Sun's Lorrie Goldstein implores our PM to give it a rest:
No doubt Trudeau and the Liberals would argue that having Canada take a more active role in the UN would ameliorate the Jew hatred within it. 
My view is the opposite. The UN is not worthy of Canada’s endorsement — beyond retaining our basic membership in the global body — until it rids itself of the millenniums-old plagues of Jew hatred and blood libel against the Jews. 
Barring Israel's sudden demise, that's likely to be an insurmountable challenge given that the UN's largest voting bloc is comprised of all the nations in the OIC, a body that amounts to a neo-caliphate.

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