Saturday, April 2, 2016

Melanie Phillips Weighs in on the Jew-Hate of Our Time (And How the Brits Are Blind to It)

Phillips writes (my bolds):
In the past couple of weeks, the media has begun to pay attention to the contribution made by British and EU taxpayers to Palestinian Authority backing for terrorism. The British still don’t understand, though, that the UK and Europe have long funded and connived at not just Palestinian terrorism, but the incitement that causes it. 
They don’t understand that this incitement is based on antisemitism, not a dispute over land boundaries. 
They don’t understand that antisemitism is the signature motif of a deranged culture that should be treated as a pariah rather than excused, sanitized and rewarded, as Britain does with the Palestinians
They don’t understand that the antisemitic derangement that drives the Palestinians also drives the Muslim war against the West. 
They don’t understand that by indulging the lies, intimidation and moral inversion of Palestinian Jew-hatred, Britain and Europe have made it impossible to fight off the Islamist threat to themselves. 
They will only start to defend themselves properly when they start treating Israel as their indispensable ally rather than a cosmic foe.
Sadly, with leftist dogma in ascendance, that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

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