Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Al Quds Day Toronto's Sly and Clever Branding Uses "Icon" Mandela to Disguise Its Genocidal Aims

Well, after all, employing the saintly Nelson serves two purposes. First, it helps Febreze a stinky Khomeinist agit/prop effort whose ultimate goal is the eradication of the "cancer" of Israel. Second, alluding to South Africa is an aide–mémoire meant to remind all that Israel-is-an-apartheid-state/Zionism-is-racism/the Palestinians-are-Mandela's-heirs, etc.

Apparently, someone over in Iran made the executive decision that calling it, say, Final Solution Day, or even Shia Supremacism Day, would be far less likely to coax the usual useful infidel idiots, the ones who idolize Mandela, to flock to their toxic cause.

And BTW, there appears to be no objection at all this time to these hate mongers holding their Zionhass-a-palooza on the grounds of the Ontario government legislature--and on the Canada Day holiday weekend, yet!

Gee, I wonder how many of Justin Trudeau's newly-settled Syrian "refugees" will show up to swell the ranks of the Jew-hating throng?

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Update: Speaking of useful infidel idiots, please note that the Black Lives Matter hashtag is listed under the Mandela quotation.

Update: "The Zionist occupied great Al Aqsa mosque"? How can it be "Zionist occupied" when the entire Temple Mount area is under the authority of Muslims?

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