Monday, July 4, 2016

'Black Lives Matter' Have a Busy, Busy Weekend

In Toronto, BLM held up the city's Pride parade as it hit LGBTers with a list of outrageous demands (including one barring police floats from future parades).

Ironically, parade organizers had invited BLM to join in as this year's "honoured guest". And, more ironically still, BLM, writes Sue-Ann Levy, was also
selected to receive City Hall’s William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations — one of five yearly Access, Equity and Human Rights awards given to leftist activists selected by other leftists who make their livelihood largely off government grants. 
A city report — penned by Uzma Shakir, director of equity, diversity and human rights — says the award (which needs approval by Mayor John Tory’s executive committee Tuesday) is being given to Black Lives Matter TO because they “have created, articulated and enacted a new vision of responding to inequities experienced by black people ... in Toronto.”
Their "new vision of responding": they use strong-arm tactics and mega-winging to get what they want--way to go, BLMers!

Meanwhile, over in NYC, BLM took part in the Khomeinists' annual Jewlimination rally:

Hey, NYC, since BLM seems to be getting on so well with these Muslims, shouldn't both groups be in line for one of your city's "race relations" awards?

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