Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Lives Matter Spokesperson Implies That "The Police" and Their "Power" Are Responsible For the Orlando Massacre

In a prime example of how the Left devours its own, a BLMer who disrupted Toronto's Pride parade tries to 'splain how her peeps are higher up on the victimhood totem pole than non-Black LGBTers. In the throes of this deliciously discombobulated rant, she also purposefully ignores the fact that the person who shot up that gay nightclub was a Muslim who repeatedly swore allegiance to ISIS (my bolds):
‘The majority of the leadership within Black Lives Matter – Toronto and Black Lives Matter internationally identify as queer or trans. Pride has always been for the most marginalized, and has always been for us. 
’She added: ‘Since the action, I have received hate mail and death threats, primarily from gay-identifying men. I have been screamed at on the street. I have been called a “nigger” more times than I care to count. People have told me I’m no longer part of the queer community because my Blackness has no place there. 
‘People who are not under the LGBT2QSIAA umbrella have used our action as an excuse to attack us with racist vitriol. Their actions are revealing the racism that prompted our intervention at Pride in the first place. 
‘We are not all on a level playing field fighting for the same equality. Any such claim is absurd.’Khan claims the media is ‘fostering a narrative wherein calling for an end to police floats in Pride is considered “discriminatory’, completely overlooking the reality of privilege and power granted to police’. 
‘Orlando continues to devastate me and remind me that I have a responsibility to disrupt a system that continues to brutalize the LGBTQ2SIAA communities that look like me,’ she added. 
‘Part of that work is creating more inclusivity in spaces like Pride. An increased police presence at Pride in the wake of the Orlando tragedy does not make the most marginalized among us feel safe. It did not in 1969 and it does not today.
If she really wants "to disrupt a system that continues to brutalize" non-heteros, shouldn't she be inveighing against sharia law instead of police "privilege"?

Update: Black Lives Matter is suffering from delusions of grandeur. It believes, for example, that it is more powerful than Toronto Mayor John Tory, a man who was elected to high office in a democratic election. Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, was elected--by Pride organizers--to hold an "honoured" place in the Pride parade. BLM repaid this honour by derailing the parade, agreeing to let it proceed if and only if Pride signed off a list of BLM demands, the most outrageous of which called for a ban on police participation in all future parades.

After initially remaining mum, Mayor Tory pushed back and voiced his support for Toronto Police (whose chief, it should be noted, is Mark Saunders, a gentleman of Jamaican heritage who rose through the ranks and became top cop last year--the first Black police chief in the city's history). BLM is none too pleased about Tory's action, and is ordering--yes, ordering--the mayor to back off:
Mayor John Tory should not be taking sides in the debate about whether police take part in Toronto’s Pride parade, Black Lives Matter Toronto says.
Tory “has no place in this discussion and he should stay in his lane,” Rodney Diverlus, one of the group’s co-founders, told a news conference Thursday.
“We are not interested in his vapid interest in this community.”
Diverlus and fellow Black Lives Matter Toronto members said they will continue to demand that police floats be banned from future Pride parades.
You are not interested in what the mayor has to say? You want him to stay out of it?

Well, who died and made you dictator?

To quote former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman: "Noooooobody!"

So will Pride organizers abide by demands made under duress and agree to prohibit police floats from now on? Will they evince a semblance of a spine and tell these BLM bullies to take a hike?

That remains to be seen:
However, Pride Toronto executive director Mathieu Chantelois told the Star on Monday that he wouldn’t move forward on them without consulting his community, and that he had only signed the demands to get the parade moving.
To me that sounds like maybe we will "move forward" on the demands and, then again, maybe they won't. Which, sorry, doesn't exactly inspire confidence that Pride would willingly take on and defy its ungrateful "honoured guest".

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Earl said...

It's Menshaviks v. Bolsheviks.

And, regardless of which faction wins this fight amongst victims, there's definitely a generous dollop of schadenfreude to be had throughout...