Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Joe Warmington's Just Desserts for Pride Parade-Derailing Black Lives Matter (the Parade's "Honoured Group")

This past Sunday, Black Lives Matter hijacked the parade at its height, and in the blistering heat, forcing Pride organizers to agree to a list of BLM demands. Most notably, it called for Pride to blackball Toronto cops from all future parades.

Surveying the madness, the Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington has a suggestion that's second to none (my bolds):
No matter how much they embarrassed Pride and the city — and disparaged police — it seems few appear ready or brave enough to stand up to them. 
Time will tell how Pride will handle this. 
But if they are not prepared to apologize — like Chief Mark Saunders did for the 1981 bathhouse raids — Pride should at least bestow Toronto Police and members of surrounding services with the honoured group status in next year’s parade.
Good one, Joe! And if the cops could get the same "race relations" award that BLM is getting, that would be the cherry on the ice cream sundae.

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