Friday, July 1, 2016

Official Jewish Response to Al Quds Day Israel-Hate in Londonistan to Include a British MP and the Chap Who Runs UN Watch--So Why Is There Nothing Similar In Toronto?

According to this report in the Jewish Chronicle, London's Al Quds Day
counter-demonstration, titled “It’s Time To Stop The Hate: Stand With Israel,” will feature Matthew Offord, the Member of Parliament for Hendon, and Hillel Neuer, executive director of human rights NGO UN Watch. According to Sharpe, up to 1,000 people “from across all communities and walks of life” are expected to join.
In Toronto, on the other hand, there will be a JDL counter-protest, but there's been nary a peep from more mainstream Jewish organizations, and certainly nothing like the organized effort in London.

As such, the obvious question to pose is: where the hell are CIJA, B'nai Brith and Wiesenthal?

Have they decided to keep a low profile this year because there's been a change of government, and Stephen Harper, who could always be depended on to be Israel's staunchest supporter among world leaders, is no longer prime minister?

Is this a "sha shtil"--or a "sha shtil" redux--sort of thing?


Carlos Perera said...

"Sha! Shtil!" I would like to thank Scaramouche for introducing me to this Yiddish expression, which vigorously communicates what it says. I shall add it to my repertoire of similar ones in foreign languages, like "Tais-toi !," "Zitto!," "¡Cállate!," and "Halt die Klappe!" In fact, I like it so much that, if the occasion arises, I plan to use it today on a member of my own family, all in the cause of linguistic multiculturalism.

scaramouche said...

Thanks for that, CP, not the least because I had no idea the phrase could be expressed in other languages too.

Earl said...

The JDL was out at the Tprpntp "Quds" hate fest. And fewer mohammedans out this year than in other years, no doubt a function of kitman in response to the Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Petah Tikvah, etc., etc. misunderstanders-of-Islam atrocities recently.